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    The Third Viennese School of Music®

    Bringing classical music values into the modern era

  • About Us

    A new and thriving music school in St. Louis, Missouri

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    Mission Statement

    The Third Viennese School of Music believes in creating art that is beautiful and enjoyable. We are founded on the timeless values of the Classical era and the music philosophy exemplified by the greatest composers. These composers include Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Schubert, who understood the significance of cultivating comprehensive musicianship through beauty, meaning, and excellence. We are bringing these Classical values into the modern era to spark creativity and cultivate excellence in the next generation of musicians.

    Why choose our school of music

    We recognize the value in developing all aspects of musicianship so students can become leaders and creative artists in the 21st Century. We encourage students to improvise, sight-read, compose, collaborate, accompany, analyze, and articulate the meaning of the music they are creating. Our goal is for students at the Third Viennese School of Music to become more than just performers; they will become composers, improvisers, cultural leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, music theorists, and historians. Our experienced faculty and selective programs give each student the resources and instruction necessary to reignite a passion for classical music in the modern era.

    Vision for the future of classical music

    We are empowering the next generation of musicians to become outstanding cultural leaders and genuine creative artists. Through a comprehensive and innovative approach to music education, we are preparing artists to face the diverse challenges of the modern world so they can change society and better humanity.


    We see a world where Classical music is thriving and invite you to join us on this mission.

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    Awaken the creative potential of the human spirit

    Art stems from the depths of our souls and gives a voice to the deeper fundamental values of truth, beauty, and meaning that inspire us. Humans are designed to express, create, and imagine. This intrinsic desire to create resides in the heart of every human – and it longs to be awakened.


    Experience the spark of creativity through music today.

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